Driftwood UK supply sculpture to Alan Tichmarsh’s Love Your Garden TV Show

Driftwood for Love Your Garden

When we were approached by the producers of ITV’s ‘Love Your Garden TV show, we were more than happy to help out.

The show, produced by Spun Gold TV has just started its second series on ITV airing on Tuesday nights at 8pm.

We were approached back in April when the designers and construction team had specified a driftwood sculpture for a garden they were building for a lady whose son is confined to his bed and wheelchair. She would like him to be able to be with her in the garden whilst she works but was unable to take him out because of access problems.

A producer from the show visited our driftwood warehouse in Guildford (Surrey) looking for a  piece that would lie horizontally and be about 1.5 – 2m long.

We had quite a selection that were suitable and he eventually picked out a piece which we happily donated.

The show was aired last night. You can see the driftwood sculpture we supplied laying behind the chairs.

Driftwood donation for Love Your Garden

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