Driftwood Art And Where To Get Driftwood

Driftwood has many qualities that makes it ideal to work with when creating art.

  • It is natural which ticks the boxes for those wanting to be eco-friendly.Driftwood Harp
  • It is malleable and can be shaped through carving, sanding or cutting
  • It is unique as every piece of driftwood is different in shape, size and colour
  • It is hard wearing as after many months or years floating around in the sea it has become hardened by the salt and is unaffected by the effects of extreme wind, rain or temperature.
  • Each piece will have unique colouring and graining depending on the type of wood it is
  • With very little maintenance, a driftwood sculpture can last a lifetime

But the most attractive quality that driftwood has is that it can be free. That is if you can find it.

Driftwood gets washed up onto the shore in most coastal regions in some degree or other. There are a few areas such as the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, that get so much of it that it is considered a nuisance by many. Often beaches become so covered by driftwood to make it impossible to walk along.

But on the vast majority of coastlines, driftwood is quite scarce. To find it in any great volume would take a lot of effort. For one, as easily as driftwood is washed up, it can be swept out to sea again on the next tide. You have to be a regular visitor to the coast at the right times to find it. The best times are following high winds and storms. It’s those types of conditions that tend to bring the larger pieces into the shore.

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