Driftwood is simply wood that has been washed onto a shore or beach of a sea or river by the action of winds, tides and waves.

How the wood gets into the sea in the first place can vary. It could be the hulls of shipwrecked boats, trees from areas of land that have slipped into the oceans, trees or branches blown down by storms or floods in coastal areas, or as the result of logging.

A piece of driftwood is impossible to age. It may have been bobbing around the oceans for just a few years, or hundreds of years. It may have been washed up several times but been dragged back out to sea by the tides.

All driftwood is hardwood of one type or another. Many pieces have stones or shells embedded within which must have taken many years to evolve. Every piece of driftwood is unique, in its size and weight, its shape and its colour.

Whilst driftwood provides both food and shelter for birds, fish and other aquatic species as it floats around our oceans, when it gets washed up onto the beaches in great quantity, it can become a major nuisance.

Driftwood in history

According to Norse mythology, Ask and Embla , the first humans, were created out of two pieces of driftwood, one ash (Ask) and one elm (Embla), by the god Odin

Our driftwood

The driftwood we supply is all sourced from the shores of New Zealand’s South Island. Each piece is selected for its beauty, character and uniqueness and shipped back across the oceans from whence it came to us here in the UK.

Our catalogue includes sculptured pieces ranging from 1ft to 10ft plus in length, some being mounted on stone to create eye-catching features for both indoors and outdoors.

The driftwood pieces we have supplied have been used in many diverse settings. Whilst many of our pieces have ended up in garden and landscape design projects, we have also supplied driftwood to many photographic and design agencies, film and TV sets, restaurants and hotels, animal enclosures within zoos, fashion shoots, company reception areas, urban roof terraces, interior designers, a hospital courtyard and even to enhance a modern art exhibit! Each piece of driftwood is completely unique with its own characteristics – the uses you can put to a piece of driftwood are only limited by your imagination!

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