About DriftwoodUK

At DriftwoodUK we select, import and distribute a wide range of naturally sculpted driftwood from the South Island of New Zealand.

All of our driftwood sculptures are unique individual pieces, sculpted by the forces of nature and collected after being washed up along the coast line. For a few months every year, driftwood is washed up onto the beaches in vast amounts, often making the beaches unusable until it is cleared. Driftwood UK

Once we have selected what we consider to be the most striking driftwood pieces, we load them into containers and ship them back the the UK where they arrive at Southampton docks. From there, they are delivered to our site just outside Guildford, Surrey.

Our clients come from all walks of life. In business, we supply to a landscape gardeners and interior designers, our driftwood is used as decor for restaurants, shop windows, art galleries, bars, garden centres, aquariums and zoos to name a few. We also supply many driftwood sculptures to individuals for features around their home and garden.

Although, already uniquely beautiful, mounted on stone and/or enhanced by back lighting, your driftwood sculpture can look even more stunning. Check out our galleries for examples of how a piece of driftwood can become the central focal point of almost any space.

Viewings of our driftwood stock are by appointment only but we are always around and can be available almost any time 7 days a week. Contact us to make an appointment.

Online Driftwood Shop

Already naturally beautiful, there are some driftwood pieces that look even more stunning once they have been refurbished. The process that involves painstaking removing any dead wood, bark and any loose or damaged pieces, then sympathetically carving each piece to bring out their best characteristics.  Then they are fully oiled, waxed and mounted. These wonderful sculptures are available through our online driftwood shop.

Commissioning Driftwood Sculptures

We will also undertake Commissioned Sculptured centre pieces for the home, hotel or office foyer as well as oil finished pieces for the garden, and courtyard displays, up to 3 metres maximum height.

See an example of our latest commissioned sculpture.

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